Different Grips - pick the right one for YOU!

Different Grips - pick the right one for YOU!

Hockey players all over the world are starting to use hockey grips at the top of their sticks rather than tape since they provide tackier and softer feel, and last longer than the regular hockey tape!

Rubber grips are getting more and more popular now hence why there’s quite a few companies offering this product. Of course each company’s grips are slightly different and they have a different feel to them which is why different players have different preferences.

There's many articles about pros and cons, and all the differences between hockey grips and the good old classic hockey tape, but not many to help you decide which grip to go with!



There's quite a few rubberized grips on the market, but RocketGrips is the only grip that you can customize the feel of and personalize! Besides the unique side this grip has, RocketGrip is made from natural rubber and plastic however it's not reusable!

The grip itself was created to bring you closer to all-start level and improve your shot! It's simple to apply and it provides that locked in feeling which allows you to have a better control over your stick and puck while it's also saving your gloves and doesnt wear down!



Buttendz stick grips as well are made of natural rubber and elastic. This company provides grips with different patterns and are reusable, but unlike RocketGrip you’re unable to customize and personalize the grip. Buttendz is also approved and used by pro hockey players all over the world.



If all the other grips are somewhat similar to their shape then Torch grips are the unique ones on the market. Altho they aren’t that popular in the hockey world yet, these grips are ergonomically engineered.

The “doorknob” like knobs of Torch grips are designed to to fit your hand even better, optimize grip, increase control and add serious power and leverage to your shot. 

Many hockey players prefer design and feel wise customizable grips, and some like to move their top hand around a little when they play and grip it slightly different which is why not many agree with this specific technology nor have even given it a real try!

The right one for YOU

All of these grips last longer than regular hockey tape and will protect your hockey gloves as well so really it's just the matter of the design and feel preferences.

Bottom line is, we are all different and so are our needs, and based on the things you’re looking for in a hockey grip, one of these four options could be the right one for you!

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