RocketGrip strives to offer every customer easy and fast experience when purchasing online, choose product, color and put your name on it, receive it in days. It is more than obvious that online experience must be as easy and enjoyable as shopping in store, so we are here to make it happen, order now and Rocket with your order will be launched to your destination, countdown begins now!

Type  Cart Size  Price
Standard secured shipping with tracking number  Up to 74.99  9.90 USD
FREE Standard secured shipping with tracking number  74.99 and up FREE
DHL Express Delivery (2-5 business days) Up to 74.99 24.90 USD
DHL Express Delivery (2-5 business days) 75.00 to 99.99

15.90 USD

DHL Express Delivery (2-5 business days) 100.00 and up 4.90 USD
Express delivery (3-7 business days) Up to 74.99 19.90 USD
Express delivery (3-7 business days) 74.99 to 99.99 13.90 USD
FREE Express delivery (3-7 business days) 100.00 and up FREE



RocketGrip is shipped by various sources and price depends on service you choose.

  1. Standard shipping without tracking number, takes around 7 - 14 days
  2. Standard shipping with tracking number, takes around 7 - 14 days
  3. FedEx Express delivery, takes around 1 - 4 days

Be informed that manufacturing time is not included into the Shipping time. Manufacturing time can be as low as 1 business day in low-season (February - September) and up to 7 business days in high season (October - January)

! FREE SHIPPING on orders over 75usd !

NOTICE: Shipping provider is Deutsche Post and it can be possible that your order delays for more than 20 business days, in that case, we would kindly advise you to inform us about this situation, so together we can get your order to you as soon as possible! Additional duties/taxes may apply based on your location.