About Us


Road of Rocketgrip apparently has been more fun than we could ever imagine at the beginning. Basically it all started in parent’s garage as it usually happens in many popular business stories, both founders were only 17 years old at the time, all they had was idea of creating a grip, which would be revolutionary in hockey industry, since as in general regular hockey tape was used since the beginnings of the ice hockey (around 18th century). Tape is and was a great product, we were not opposing that, but it has few flaws where it is lacking, so here came the idea of RocketGrip.

The Idea and product

This product entailed two main solutions for two problems, which hockey tape had and one specific thing which is super essential for all players and tape solved that.

Aksels is hockey player by the way and the thing that we acknowledged was that all players had their own, favorite tape job style for the top of the sticks, some players had bigger knobs, some smaller, some more ribbed and some did not have them at all. It is due to variety of reasons – different anatomy (smaller/bigger palms and longer/shorter fingers) and just preferences. Regular ice hockey tape solved this perfectly, there are no doubts about it, players are able to make the knob as they wish, but particular issue with other alternatives was that – all the silicon grips were in standard shapes, but hockey players are not standard. So firstly, both boys had this feeling that – okay, we must stick to it when developing the product, people are different and one standard grip cannot fit us all.

And then we jumped to the issues, which is the fact that regular tape damages gloves, not even talking about the stretch tape. Gloves are expensive and that’s not a joke. Basically the additive which promoted destruction of inside palms of glove was the glue included into hockey tape. In short – glue dries up, becomes like sandpaper, which therefore damages gloves. So conclusion was that, no glue in our grip!

So here comes the RocketGrip – Grip which is fully customizable in form and in the design, without any glue, with application technology which using heat becomes in the form as hockey player has needed!

I am different, you are different, everybody is different – we have to respect that.

So it is like it is and we have to respect that and that’s the reason why RocketGrip as a company stands for that! We are different and it makes it fun and enjoyable, we have different values, we can express them on ourselves, on equipment and now even on the hockey grips, for example by choosing our countries flag as grip, we can support our values arising from it, because we love where we live, we love our country and we are patriotic or we want to fight for specific cause, by choosing grip in design of this cause, we fight for these values and we, RocketGrip, are here to do the same, it is not only about business or grips, it never has been. It is strive for better us and better world around us by respecting who we really are and not standardizing ourselves in field were we shouldn’t!  

Where our Rocket, has already landed!

We are super proud to see that RocketGrip is used among different ages and levels of players. Starting from young lads out there grinding their way to successful career in ice hockey, continuing with pro players in NHL, AHL, ECHL, SHL, NLA and National teams and ending with amateur and veteran players across the globe in different teams and leagues. We appreciate all of our customers and by the way, if you are already our customer, feel free to send us photos, we will give shout out for that in our social platforms!




SIA ROCKETGRIP has concluded an agreement on 26.01.2022 Nr. SKV-L-2022/34 with the Latvian Investment Agency about receiving of support in “International Competence promotion” program, which is co-financed by the European Development Agency.