Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)
Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)

Color Fabric Hockey Grips (2-pack)

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  • RocketGrip is made of materials that do not damage gloves compared to regular hockey tapes (no glue)
  • Free Personalization
  • RocketGrip brings locked in, rigid feeling that empowers shots
  • Long-lasting until your stick breaks
  • RocketGrip does not move around nor changes position so you always hit the target
  • RocketGrip is clean without any wrinkles to make your game smooth and comfortable
  • RocketGrip does not get sticky (glue) compared to regular hockey tapes

More power, less damage

Hockey is our game, with over 1.4 million hockey players worldwide, there is a huge competition of who will be the next star! While everyone wants to get better with each shot, there are many ways to improving your game and one of the ways is using the right grip! It is obvious to every player that one of the reasons why the best players can land great shots is because of the way they handle their stick.

To bring you closer to all-star level & improve your shots RocketGrip was created. An easy applicable hockey stick grip that improves the way players handle their stick and makes shots.

Once you apply RocketGrip you will experience locked in, a rigid feeling of the stick. Players confidence on the will rise as perfectly positioned stick will much faster be ready for the next shot.

While some hockey tapes wear off and become loose, Rocket Grip neatly fits around the stick and locks to it. It doesn't move around or changes position even after the most explosive games, bringing certainty that every shot hits the target. For the game to be even smoother and more comfortable Rocket Grip is created to be clean, without wrinkles. Player also do not interfere with glue or other sticky substances that could damage or get gloves dirty.

Each package contains:

  • 1 x RocketGrip sleeve
  • 1 x Rubber Tape
  • 4 x Rings (in SR/Int package); 1 x Ring (Jr/Yth)


RocketGrip is suitable for everyone who shares the love for hockey. If you have a stick, RocketGrip will fit! Besides improving your abilities to handle your stick with more confidence, materials used to create RocketGrip are recyclable & environment-friendly. We do love the game and the World we play on.

We are confident that RocketGrip will bring you to the next level.

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No More Holes in Gloves

The holes in the gloves palms are caused by dried glue of the regular tape. The technology employed in our grips is glue-free, the potential of destruction is significantly decreased and close to zero

Maximum Customization

The shrink-application enables players to choose their own grip shape. Rocketgrip doesn't care if you have a big knob, a little knob, or an old tape job since it will preserve the shape you've produced beneath it

Hear from our Customers!


Gregory Hofmann / CBJ

"I love the grip. It gives you a good feel of the puck."

Rubber Grip

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