Ice Hockey Grips

That serve your needs

FABRIC Grips (new)

Feels Tape-like, but with enhanced structural filaments for firm grip with stick


Rubber grip type that is in between tennis tape and silicone grips in terms of rubberiness

HOLE Grips

Solid and harder type of grip with hole technology that provides for locked-in feeling when necessary

Rezztek® blade grip

Official Rezztek® Ice hockey stick blade grip now personalizable for better accuracy, speed and power


Grip Tackifier

Those who have tried stretch tape know how fast it "eats through" the palm of a glove, but for long time it has been the grippiest option out there

Now it is no longer the case! Add extra grip to your already existing handle, thus saving your gloves.

Or even better, Get your Ultimate pack!

Combine RocketGrip® with Rezztek® Double pack and extra Grip with Tackifier for One Generous deal!

Not sure about Ultimate? Go Mini!

Mini Ultimate pack combines RocketGrip® with Rezztek® Double pack.


Personalization is for Free

Personalization is available for free on all of our grip models. To make your grip stand out, write any name and add a number!