Rocketgrip® & Rezztek®

New official partner

Together we are stronger.

Rezztek® and Rocketgrip® announced today that the companies will work together in bringing their products to hockey players globally. Both Rezztek® and Rocketgrip® are performance-enhancing products first but allow the player to express themselves through individual personalization or customization.

By employing the technology brought by Rocketgrip®, both companies have agreed to make further steps to bring hockey players to next level, performance and experience wise bringing our customers closer to the Pro level.

Customization is one of the leading trends in sports and by employing technology brought by Rocketgrip® customization possibilities are implemented for the blade grips.


Four patented layers, each specifically designed for your top performance. Water resistant and repellent to keep your top performance throughout the game.


Independent study „Influence of Physical Properties of Hockey Stick Blade on Shots“ by Martin Plesch in 2019 compared Rezztek® to traditional tape. The result? Rezztek® significantly improves the speed and accuracy of your shot. The durability of Rezztek® is a bonus to all players who don’t necessary enjoy taping their stick every day.


Join the players that use Rezztek® to improve their performance on the ice. More and more players are making the switch to Rezztek® every day.

The process of application...

Popular Questions about Rezztek®

Not enough pressure when applying the adhesive. Rezztek® uses a pressure sensitive adhesive to stick to the blade. After you position it on the blade, make sure to push down hard and roll over with a round object Applying the Rezztek® too close to the bottom edge. This can lead to the Rezztek® getting in direct contact with the ice. It might cause lower durability of the Rezztek® material. Always apply at least 3mm (1/8 of an inch) from the bottom edge of the blade Not allowing the Rezztek® to fully adhere to the blade of the hockey stick. Allow the Rezztek® to sit on the blade at least 30 minutes before the game. Always apply at room temperature, because the adhesive might not get to full strength when applying on a stick that is ice cold.

When properly applied, Rezztek® lasts up to 8-10 sessions. Replace your Rezztek® when at least 30% of its surface is damaged. Improper application, that does not allow the Rezztek® to fully adhere to the blade can cause lower durability of the Rezztek®. Make sure to apply the Rezztek® according to the instructions or watch the video below

Start with a corner and slowly peel the Rezztek® off. For best results, peel the Rezztek® off rather before a game, than directly after a game, when the stick is still wet from ice & snow.

Yes! Rezztek® can be used on Bauer, CCM, Warrior, True and Sher-wood sticks.

Most important ones are:

1. Speed improved by 3%
2. Accuracy improved by 6%
3. Energy improved by 5%
4. Durability is 8-10 sessions per Rezztek®
5. 50% lighter than tape

If you want to read more about these numbers and research done - An Independent study, Influence of Physical Properties of Hockey Stick Blade on Shots“ by Martin Plesch in 2019 compared Rezztek® to traditional hockey tape.

If you have other questions not answered above we might have answered them in the general FAQ page, but if you don't find the answers there, feel free to write us the question to, we usually reply within 1-2 business days.

Take a word from our players...


I like how Rezztek allows me to grip the puck better than my tape. My passes are more accurate and I also feel my one-timers are better with Rezztek

Filip Hronek

Detroit Red Wings


I feel the puck better with Rezztek on my blade, my shots and passes are more accurate. And I don't have to tape my stick everyday :)

Jakub Lauko

Providence Bruins


Everything in the game of hockey is evolvong, yet tape stayed the same. Rezztek is a step in the right direction and I enjoy using it

David Kampf

Toronto Maple Leafs


I like Rezztek better than tape because it is more durable, I don't have to change it every period. It feels lighter as well. It has qualities of hockey tape, just better in every aspect

Andrej Sekera

Dallas Stars


Ever since I tried Rezztek few years back I felt big improvements immediately. Since then I only use Rezztek

Zdeno Chara

New York Islanders