Which grip is for me?

Mainly there are two type of grips from the perspective of their structure – Ultra Grips and all the rest available grips in our webpage.

Rubber grip consist more of a rubber, therefore it is more tacky than color and design grips, if we compare with regular tape and stretch tape it is somewhere in between both of them, it is tackier than tape and a bit less tackier than stretch tape. Ultra grips comes into to two sizes for JR/YTH sticks and SR/INT sticks. We would advise to apply this grip with heat gun, usually heat gun is available in any ice rink.

Hole grips falls under one category, because material from which they are made of is the same. These grips consists from more plastic, therefore they are tighter and less tacky, and however important part of them is holes in the grip! When grip becomes wet, those holes comes into play. The idea behind them is that, palm of the glove fits into the holes and lock-in the hand in such position. By easily releasing the hand, you will be able to change the position of hand in seconds. Here we advise players to use small rings in between the fingers, this will lock your hand in even tighter position. These grips comes into only one size and fits all the sticks (yes, even for junior and youth sticks).

Fabric grips (Patent-pending) is a completely new type of grip, which works the same as all of the previous ones, but the difference in essence is that it is made from fabric (textile). The feel of the Fabric Grip is close to the regular tape, but the yarn is thicker, so it gives a better grip with the palm. Same as for Rubber and Hole ice hockey gripsFabric does not consist of glue, so it means that it also sames palms of gloves from appearing holes in them!