Discipline is one of the most important things in all sports and one of the keys to success, but regardless of that, this word is often used in a negative way that speaks to harshly holding people accountable…almost in the wrong way.

Of course as for most things you have to be smart about it. Good discipline for players and teams proper performance and progression is critical, but it can’t be too much, because it's just as important to have to have fun and enjoy the process!

Every athlete is wanting to be great, but greatness requires discipline because it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes making the right choices every day and acting on what you want most, not what you want now!

Discipline is something coaches need to teach their young players from very beginning so it's sticks tho them all through their career which will make a huge difference in their journey. 

It is easier to teach kids to prioritize things and to have to ability to decide what they really need to focus on than to try to change older players bad habits! 

Hard times can be beat with discipline

The current situation in the world has forced athletes to end their seasons early which means a longer offseason for all. During this offseason time it's where discipline comes in very handy. 

To stay in shape and get ready for the next season athletes need to keep working out and practicing by themselves while staying at home which can be tough at times due to lack of motivation.

Stay disciplined and push yourself to be better, make yourself a schedule of things you would need to do every day to not let Covid19 set you back and hold yourself accountable to that.


Little things matter

A thing people don’t pay too much attention to, but it will also help you put your mind in a better state and let you focus on and put your energy towards the important things before and during your games/practices, is that being disciplined also means to take care of your gear, keep it clean and proper.

Simple things as keeping your stick freshly taped most of the time makes a difference.

Taping your stick can be time consuming so to make it easier and more convenient you can use rubber hockey grips, for example - RocketGrip.

RocketGrip is not only easy to instal and will last as long as your stick without wearing down and always looking good but it will also prevent your hockey gloves from getting those big holes in your top hands palm!

Work smarter, not harder

Good and disciplined actions are just as important as disciplined mind and good environment. Have the ability to act and put your mind towards the things you want the most and not just the things that you want at the moment. Take care of yourself physically and mentally and it will help you reach your goals!

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