1. How can I track my order?

After it is shipped out, you will receive confirmation email to the e-mail address, which you used to place order! There you will find either tracking code with link or the confirmation number of shipment! *note: if you chose non-trackable shipment or free shipping, you will not be able to track it in details!

1. Check the Email for tracking code

2. If you cannot find the email, fill this form with inquiry! It is mandatory to write your order ID number in the message! *usually person there replies within one working day or a bit more depending on situation!

2. What is the difference between the grip models?

Follow this link and it will help you to understand the differences and similarities with the ice hockey regular tape, so it should help to choose the right grip for your needs.

3. How to install the RocketGrip correctly?

First of all before application check the video and read carefully the instruction on the back of the package, it is easy, just make sure that all points are really met! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp9eNmffg7w&feature=youtu.be

4. What to do if the grip is loose?

In case if your grip is too loose, we would advise you to use heat gun for second application. It has higher temperature and grip should shrink as much as it can and then there must be no problems. However, please, watch the installation video and read the instruction carefully!

5. Can I apply RocketGrip over my old tape job?

It is also possible to apply RocketGrip over already existing tape job, with doing so RocketGrip will shrink and fit in form of your old tape job, this is preferred way if you don’t want to change the feeling you are already familiar with.

6. How long RocketGrip last?

RocketGrip should last till your stick brakes, but be aware that if you step on it with skate, it may be cut and this therefore might lead to the fact that RocketGrip fails to last that long.

7. Can it be taken off and used again?

RocketGrip lasts only till stick brakes, it cannot be taken off and used again.

8. Does it fit goalie stick?

It depends on how big is the knob of the stick, if it is bigger than 4.2CM in diameter you will not be able to use it over the knob, however still the grip can be installed on the stick part, afterwards applying over it the knob with tape.

9. Can logo be added on the grip?

 It is possible to also add logo for team orders (12 and more grips), after placing the order, write to support@rocketgrip.eu and person there will be able to help you with this. Don’t forget that orders with 12 and more grips has 25% discount and free shipping using code BULK25!