RocketGrip World Wide

RocketGrip World Wide

Hockey is a loved game all over the globe and we are proud to say that so is our product! RocketGrip is used all over the world by players of different ages and levels. From little boys and girls with big dreams, all the way to pro players in NHL, AHL, ECHL, SHL, NLA, NCAA and National teams and everything in between!

Pro players using RocketGrip!

One of our customers is pro forward Toni Rajala from Finland, who won gold in 2018/2019 seasons World Championship representing his home country, which was held in Slovakia.

Toni has played on different hockey teams all over the world, but the past four seasons he has played for EHC BIEL-BIENNE in Biel, Switzerland.

Two seasons ago Toni decided to try out RocketGrip and he has been using nothing but that ever since! Statistics show that Toni has scored more goals in the last two seasons than ever before in his career. As Toni jokingly stated in the interview, 

“Probably because I started using RocketGrips”

Why grip strength is important?

Of course no grips will score goals for you, but it provides comfort and a grip customized as you need it will allow your hand to grip the stick better which leads to a better stick and puck control!

All hockey specialists, but specifically puck control ”gurus” will agree that it's important to develop grip strength. A strong grip can improve shot release and velocity, passing, pass reception, stick handling, stick checking, and face-off strength. 

Add comfort in your stick skill which will elevate the enjoyment and bring your game to the next level!

RocketGrip is a family!

We appreciate all our customers and love to hear reviews about the grips so feel free to tag RocketGrip or reach out to us on social media platforms. Lets spread love and grow the RocketGrip family one grip at a time!

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