Ultra tennis overgrips

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  • Rocketgrip is long-lasting grip, increased durability allowing to last ~10x longer than other overgrips.
  • RocketGrip brings locked in, rigid feeling that empowers shots
  • RocketGrip does not move around nor changes position so you always hit the target
  • RocketGrip is clean without any wrinkles to make your game smooth and comfortable
  • Personalization option is for free!



To find a grip that fits you might be overwhelming and time consuming.
Here at RocketGrip we provide a simple yet effective product.

Our overgrip provides a comfort feel with an option to add your own name, logo or even picture. This new type of grip that stays in the same place and doesn’t deteriorate as fast usual regular grips - you deserve equipment which is loyal to you not only for week or few trainings!

Our solution will fit on three racket sizes (1, 2, 3), when order don’t forget to add your text on it as well, it is for free! Using RocketGrip you wouldn’t have to worry about your equipment, all your focus will be on the game!

It doesn't move around or changes position even after the most explosive games, bringing certainty that every shot hits the target. For the game to be even smoother and more comfortable Rocket Grip is created to be clean, without wrinkles.

Our goal developing new technology tennis grip was to help you to achieve your goals knowing that your partner on the field will always be ready for the match – reliability and performance!


  • 19cm long, 40mm in diameter
  • Weight – 22 grams

Each package contains:

  • 1x RocketGrip sleeve
We are confident that RocketGrip will bring you to the next level. Make sure to enjoy the opportunity to personalize your grip!