Wanted Tacky?
3 years of work finally is here

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Limited to only 100 units

This offer is only for our current customers and the first launch is only going to ba available for sign up persons and until we run out of stock!

Tackifier that works on all RocketGrip's

Product is made to increase the grip and tackiness for all Rocketgrip products! Again same as our other products, the use of it includes a spark of magic!

Best Grip, hands down

We have worked on this product for almost 3 years. We are excited to share it with you, we do think that this is going to be the tackiest grip that still saves your gloves!

Tacky, but still saves gloves!

The first sticky substance that keeps your gloves from tearing. The tackifier's technology does not leave wrinkles or glue marks on the knob, so as always your holes are safe and sound, plus tacky grip!

Tackiness that you can adjust!

Squeeze the tackifier between your glove and grip to apply it. The tackiness is determined by the strength of your squeeze; the greater the pressure, the more tacky. We believe in perferences and this is another way to choose the tackiness you wish to have!

Use multiple times

Grip enhancer can be used for multiple times. As long as you keep it in the sealed bag it will keep the tackiness so you would be able to use it as often as necessary.