How It Works
Ice Hockey

6 Step Process and You are All Set!

Follow the steps below to perfectly apply the grip on your hockey stick. If you have any other questions, read the question section bellow, it might help.


Step 1. - Create the Relief

Start with creating a preferred relief, which will be under the grip. Use rings between fingers or simply apply grip over the old tape job.

Step 2. - Center

Use your thumb to center the grip in the middle of the ice hockey stick, hold it until Step 4.

Step 3. - Leave 1 cm

It is important to leave around 1cm from the knob out before applying the heat to the ice hockey grip

Step 4. - Start from the Top

First and foremost you have to start from the knob side, remember to hold your thumb as long as top has shrunken fully and is fixed. USE ONLY HEAT GUN FOR FABRIC AND RUBBER GRIPS

Step 5. - Slowly Rotate

When applying the grip, slowly rotate the hockey stick, it should shrink on all sides equally

Step 6. - You are Ready

Lastly let it cool down for a few minutes and you are ready to hit the ice

Popular Questions about Hockey Grips

Hole grips can be applied with both methods, while Fabric and Rubber grips can be applied only with Heat Gun

If you don't have personally the heat gun, there is an easy solution. Each and every ice rink will have them, because it is frequently used to instal end plugs, so ask for the heat gun in your home ice rink!

It depends on how big is the knob of the stick, if it is bigger than 4.2CM in diameter you will not be able to use it over the knob, however still the grip can be installed on the stick part, afterwards applying over it the knob with tape.

It is also possible to apply RocketGrip over already existing tape job, with doing so RocketGrip will shrink and fit in form of your old tape job, this is preferred way if you don’t want to change the feeling you are already familiar with.

In case if your grip is too loose, we would advise you to use heat gun for second application. It has higher temperature and grip should shrink as much as it can and then there must be no problems. However, please, watch the installation video and read the instruction carefully!

RocketGrip lasts till the stick brakes, it cannot be taken off and used again.

One of the most important things is that don't throw out the grip if this happens. Use heat gun instead of the boiling water and everything will be fine! It happens because some kettles do not fully boil the water temparture as neccessary. For Rubber grips we recommend to use heat gun only!

If you have other questions not answered above we might have answered them in the general FAQ page, but if you don't find the answers there, feel free to write us the question to, we usually reply within 1-2 business days.

Seems everything is clear now

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